Review: The Dickens With Love

The Dickens With LoveThe Dickens With Love by Josh Lanyon

The Dickens With Love was first brought to my attention by the illustrious karen whose review of it is far, far funnier than mine. Seriously. Her review is here. Go read it. Then come back to mine.

I laughed extremely hard when reading this book & was grinning when I finished it. It might be described as so bad it’s good. I mean, who has a contemporary character named Sedgewick Crisparkle? (I say this as a bearer of a bizarre name of my own.) There are also flashing, holiday flavored condoms, glittery cocktails, and a random posturing ocelot. Also, a previously unknown Dickens novel in the possession of a chemistry professor who is far hotter than any professor I’ve ever seen.

Basically though, I read it for the food. Check out karen’s review for some of the prime quotes. It made my mouth water to read. Soooo hungry!

Oh, if you’re of the squeamish mindset, there is a lot of descriptive sex in the book. For some of us, that’s anything but a drawback!

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