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Lists: Worst Books Read in 2011 – # 5

Worst Books Read in 2011

5. The Man Who Couldn’t Eat by Jon Reiner

All whine, all the time.

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6. Boneshaker by Cherie Priest
7. Stolen World by Jennie Erin Smith
8. The Black Company by Glen Cook
9. A Visit From the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan
10. The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher by Kate Summerscale

The Man Who Couldn’t Eat by Jon Reiner

The Man Who Couldn't EatThe Man Who Couldn’t Eat by Jon Reiner
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Ugh. The amount of self-pity Jon Reiner displays throughout this book made it nigh unreadable. When I entered the giveaway for The Man Who Couldn’t Eat, it was based on descriptions of the book as unique, compelling, and a very real depiction of what it is like to have Crohn’s disease, from the point of view of someone with a special relationship with food. Instead, I received a book which seems to have been written from the point of view of a man who feels he is unique in having what is actually a sadly common disease. There are references to how hard it is for others to cope with his illness, but they seem to still be in light of how it makes him feel. Overall, this is not a book about a disease, this is a book about a man wallowing in self-pity.

Disclaimer: I received an advance review copy of this book for free through the Goodreads First Reads giveaway program.

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