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Review: We

WeWe by Yevgeny Zamyatin
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Yevgeny Zamyatin described We as “my most jesting and most serious work.” Having read nothing else by the author I cannot completely concur with the statement, but serious and jesting it certainly is. We describes a supposedly utopian society based on mathematics and a petroleum based food substance. (If the latter seems an odd choice, keep in mind that the book was written in 1920.) This society is the result of a two hundred year war in which all but 0.2% of humanity is wiped out and the remainder go to live in a city surrounded by a glass wall where even the weather is rigidly controlled. Schedules are king, they have a Benefactor who is unanimously elected each year, and every aspect of life is controlled. We is the story of a mathematician who begins to realize, with the help of a woman he falls in love with, that perhaps all is not well in this alleged Eden.

Ultimately, while I enjoyed this book, I had some problems with the writing. It ended up being highly disjointed and frequently confusing. This is partially explained by the fact that it is written as a series of journal entries. Nevertheless, it could have been executed more skillfully, in my opinion.

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I believe I mentioned Gaza…

This post has been in a state of mental composition for days, but is just now making it into solidified form. At this point, the war in Gaza has gone on for more than two weeks. I call it a war, although there is really only one side able to fight with any force. In truth, we are now two weeks past the point when Israel began bombing Gaza in response to a relative handful of rockets that killed a few Israelis. Rockets that have not been conclusively linked to Hamas, the governing body of Israel, although it is likely that they at some point at least funded those rockets arrival in Gaza. Not that any sanction they made of the rockets would matter, as neither we nor Israel recognize Hamas’ legitimacy as the government of the people of Gaza despite the fact that they were elected by the people they govern. It seems our desire to bring democracy to the people of Middle Eastern nations does not extend past the people electing governments of which we disapprove. But, this is digression… Continue reading