Going Batty

“Seriously, had he somehow locked himself in? Surely the maintenance crew didn’t come around so early? If so, it was his most impressive case of self-sabotage to date. He sat down with his back to the door and prepared to wait, as the bats took flight with their shrill whistles and clicks. He hoped Gertrude would be alright.

In which Alexei gets locked into the bat house, but it all turns out right in the end.

Rating: Explicit


Alexei stepped as quietly as possible into the enclosure. He loved bats, but even he didn’t like it when a bunch startled and started flying at his head. He moved to the side, near the perches, and carefully unwrapped the bundle he was carrying. Gertrude was a juvenile fruit bat. She had fallen and broken her wing. He had nursed her back to health, and it was time to return her to her family. He needed to hurry. It was almost sunset. They couldn’t fly free, like bats in the wild, but they had a larger screened enclosure outside of what everyone insisted on calling the bat cave. He carefully carried Gertrude to the nearest mostly empty perch and set her on it. She tilted her head, then settled down. He stroked her wing and head one last time, then turned to go. As he crept back towards the entrance, he realized he could no longer see light in the outer room. Still moving as quietly as he could he closed the inner door. He reached for the knob of the exit door, but it wouldn’t turn. Weird. He didn’t remember locking it. Oh well, at least he had his…shit. He remembered right as his hand found only lint in his pocket. He left his keys in the clinic. No one ever locked the batt house. They were bats. What were they going to do? With a sinking feeling, he clearly remembered putting his keys on top of his phone. Fuck. He leaned his forehead against the door and thumped it a few times. He knew he shouldn’t have agreed to that date. Andrew seemed nice enough, but it was more of a thing where everyone told him to date than actually wanting it. Locked in the bat house was a better way to get out of it than any he had come up with in the week since he said yes. What time did the night crew come around anyway? He sighed. Behind him he heard a susurration that meant the bats were getting ready to take flight.

Seriously, had he somehow locked himself in? Surely the maintenance crew didn’t come around so early? If so, it was his most impressive case of self-sabotage to date. He sat down with his back to the door and prepared to wait, as the bats took flight with their shrill whistles and clicks. He hoped Gertrude would be alright.

Alexei jerked awake. How in all fuck had he fallen asleep? His ass was numb. How long had he been asleep? THen he heard what must have woken him. Someone was walking past, carrying keys. He tried to stand up and yell, all at once. Right as he got his feet underneath him, he heard a key and the door opened, just in time for him to fall forward. He landed against a hard chest that most certainly did not belong to Henry, the septuagenarian guard he was expecting. He flailed a little big, because of course he did, until strong hands gripped his upper arms and held him while he regained his balance. He looked up into amused hazel eyes. “Uh. Thank you?” He suddenly realized he still had his hands on the frankly handsome stranger’s somewhat impressive chest. “Uh, sorry.” He jerked his hands away before he gave in to the impulse to flex them into all that muscle. Maybe he did need to get laid as badly as everyone said, if he was having to forcibly restrain himself from feeling up his fellow zoo employees. He felt himself go red. Damned Irish skin. “Uh, thank you,” He stepped back. Mr. Handsome let his arms go once he seemed steady. “I’m Alexei. don’t normally fall asleep in the bat house. I must have locked myself in.” God, he sounded like an idiot.

“Actually, that may have been me. I didn’t expect anyone to be in there after hours.” He looked flustered. “I’m Scott. It’s my first day, so I guess I got overzealous.”

“It’s OK. I didn’t have anywhere to go that I wanted to be.” He winced. He probably shouldn’t have admitted that. Sure enough, Scott picked up on the slip. “So you did have somewhere you were going.”

He sighed heavily. “I had a date.”

“You don’t sound happy about it, or at least you don’t seem too torn up that you missed it. Had you been seeing her long?”

“Him. It was a first date.”


“He seems like a perfectly nice guy, and my friends like his profile. They said I should go for it, but…yeah.”

“So basically you’re saying I cocklocked you, but you aren’t mad?”

He stumbled a little, and Scott reached for his elbow to steady him. “Uh, yeah? Yeah, that’s pretty much exactly right. My friend is going to kill me.”

“Why,” he said, sounding amused.

“He says I just need to relax and get laid. Or maybe get laid so I relax. The words vary, but the theme is the same.”

“It seems like there are easier ways to get laid than going on dates you don’t want to go on.”

They had reached the door of the vet clinic. He realized he hadn’t said where they needed to go, they had just ended up in the right spot. He glanced over and up as Scott pulled out his keys to let him in and switch on the lights. He turned back as Scott walked in and closed the door. He gestured weakly towards the desk with his cell phone and keys. “I guess I had better face the music.” He started to turn and Scott caught him by the shoulder. “Seriously, don’t let anyone push you around.”

“You have any better ideas, because I am out.”

“Yeah, I just might,” he said, stepping into his space. “I just might,” he said, wrapping his hand around Alexei’s neck and drawing him in. Alexei felt his eyes go wide and fly up to meet amused hazel ones, then their lips met and he lost track of everything except the feeling of soft lips with a hint of stubble, and a tongue flicking out to trace the seam of his lips. On a soft sigh he parted them. When Scott’s tongue touched his, he moaned. Loudly. Too loudly. Asshole ex had always told him he was too loud.Scott just followed him, gripping his neck with his palm and sliding his other hand around to his back, pulling him even closer. Alexei realized his hands had landed on Scott’’s chest and decided the leg that had slid a little ways between his basically gave him permission to explore. This time he gave in and flexed his fingers and discovered that Scott really was all muscle. He let go and smoothed his hands up and over his shoulders to land at his neck. He ran one up into his hair. In response, Scott hauled him even closer. If Alexei was wanting to play it cool, he should have pulled away before Scott pulled him so close his erection pressed against him. And by him, he meant his erection, so apparently this wasn’t some sort of one-sided attempt to instill confidence. He moaned again, then whimpered as Scott moved his hand from his neck to that deliciously tender spot on his jaw right behind his ear. He kissed along his cheek and jaw, then gently bit his earlobe. Alexei gasped.

“What do you want”

“I…I don’t know,” he tried to get out, but it trailed off into a sort of moaning gasp when Scott bit him again and ground their hips together. “I think you do.”

“Just don’t stop touching me,” he whispered. Oh god, he sounded desperate. I mean, he was, apparently. But did he really have to sound it? Oh well, he was clearly out of his mind, so why not just go with it. He turned his head, captured Scott’s lips, and just dove in. Soon they were both making absolutely filthy sounds, and he couldn’t entirely remember when he had last been so hard. He realized he had his hand around Scott’s bicep and in his hair, and wasn’t sure if he was gripping too tight or not. Scott definitely wasn’t complaining. He bit Alexei’s lip and pulled back just enough to gasp out “Fuck,” and insinuate a hand between them to fumble at Alexei’s fly At least he wasn’t the only one feeling desperate. Just as he realized he should probably help, his pants were open and Scott wrapped his hand around him, running a thumb over the head.

“Don’t stop touching, eh?” he said, then dropped to his knees more smoothly than Alexei would have thought possible for how quickly he did it. He tried to stifle his moan when Scott licked up his shaft, but it escaped anyway. Damn his inability to keep quiet. Scott didn’t seem to mind, given that he wrapped his lips around him and slid down his length, applying suction on the way back up. Alexei used one hand to grip the desk behind him and sort of uselessly touched Scott’s hair, before deciding shoulder was safer. He wasn’t going to last very long at this rate. Scott knew what he was doing, and it had been a while. He gave up on trying to stay quiet, in favor of just staying upright. All too soon he was tugging at Scott’s shoulder and trying to get out some sort of warning, even a garbled one. The bastard looked up and winked with his lips stretched around Alexei’s dick, and that was it, he spilled over in an orgasm that felt like it would never end. He sagged and sort of slid to the floor in a sprawl that was anything but graceful. Scott looked smug as fuck. “Better?”

“Ungh,” was all be got out, accompanied by a vague flapping gesture he would probably find embarrassing if he had any functioning brain cells.Scott laughed and stood up pretty gracefully for someone who had to adjust an obvious erection. Alexei made an effort to stand, but Scott just chuckled and put his hand on his shoulder. “Stay and catch your breath. What’s your number?” he said, before uncertainty crossed his features. “I mean, if…”

“Oh, I do,” Alexei blurted, then gave him the number. He heard his phone chime a few seconds later.

“I have to get back to work,” Scott said, and offered his hand to pull him up. He winked and said, “Best start to a job I have ever had,” and walked out the door. After staring stupidly for an unknown amount of time, Ved did up his pants and wandered to his desk to pick up his phone. The first thing he noticed was a text from an unknown number with an address followed by, “8 PM tomorrow.” Wearing a stupid grin, he decided to ignore the rest of his messages until he got home. Half an hour wouldn’t change the fact he had stood up someone for the first time in his life. He couldn’t find it in himself to care.

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