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Doo Doo Doo

Martin heard Aaron snort, and couldn’t help but smile. “Who’s Grandma?”

“Burnzie. It’s the smile.”

The San Jose Sharks PR department decides they need a Baby Shark tie in. There will be bows. And dancing.

Rating: Explicit

Doo Doo Doo: Published on An Archive of Our Own

Wanna Bet?

“He wanted to wring Alex’s neck, and he refused to think about why the thought of getting his hands on him in a way that wasn’t just their normal firm handshake made him feel warm and distracted. He did not have a crush on his literal rival. He didn’t. That would be stupid”

Bets can be dangerous, especially ones you didn’t mean to make.

Rating: Explicit

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Parties Are Overrated

“Not only had he agreed to spend the last night of the bloody decade at a loud party filled with people who seem to really miss college, he got ditched by the woman who talked him into going in the first place.”

Parties are so lame. Who needs ’em?

Rating: Explicit

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